Veggie Patch Valley

Grow and harvest your own virtual vegetables in Veggie Patch Valley!
Take your faithful donkey and have some fun farming your vegetables and then take them to the market to sell them for points to buy new seeds!
Enjoy some exciting side quests along the way!

Holographic Planetarium


The planets of the solar system float all around you.
You go down to their surface and see what they’re like with your own eyes.
Visit the moon and feel a moon jump with artificial gravity.
Plenty of fascinating things to see, fun for all ages.

Fly over the Gold Coast

Have you ever dreamed of flying?
In Fly Over The Gold Coast you enter a hologram room,
the walls turn invisible, the floor disappears beneath you,
and it looks like you are hundreds of meters in the air.
You fly between the buildings as we tell you about local sites and attractions,
and at the end you turn into a giant and stomp around the city.

False Eden

The world’s first hologram game.
A handful of scientists are stranded on an alien planet
and have created you to rescue them.
Battle through eight levels with holographic swords and weapons.
4 different weapons, 3 boss enemies.
Play well and win big prizes!

Experiences Volume One

In this session you will go through 10 different exciting holographic experiences.
Go to Africa, walk through solid walls, jump down holes with artificial gravity,
eat holographic apples, play in holographic water with fish and turtles, and fly over mountains.