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What’s On At Holoverse?

What's On at holoverse?

Experiences volume one

Recommended as one of the first things to try at Holoverse, this is a collection of 10 different strange and unusual experiences!

Fly through the sky, play in holographic water with fish and turtles, go to Africa, jump down holes, walk through solid walls of stone, and play in holographic snow!


Inspired by the Gold Coast’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games, Holosports gives you the chance to compete at your very own athletic competition!
Take part in up to 6 exciting events and earn points towards your medal tally!
Test your strength in Weightlifting, hone your finesse in Archery and display your prowess in the Javelin – plus much more!

Your end of game score will determine your placing – can you bring home the Gold?


Veggie Patch valley

People of all ages enjoy this game but we especially recommend it for children.

Dig holes with your holographic shovel, plant seeds, water them with your holographic watering can and watch your veggies grow!

Plant a field and harvest the vegetables with your donkey.
There are many vegetables to try – maybe yank carrots out of the ground, or grow giant pumpkins!
Not only that, but you can gather berries in the forest, cut wood in the lumber yard, go mining for crystals in the cage, or just catch some butterflies.

Parents can go into the rooms with their children, perfect for mothers and the younger kids!

Holographic planetarium

Visit the planets and moons of our solar system! This is a two part session.

Part one will take you on a holographic tour from Mercury to Mars. Visit Olympus Mons and experience a moon jump!

The second takes us from Jupiter to Pluto. Look across the methane lakes of Titan, experience the gravity of other worlds, and much more.

We also offer this as an option for school excursions! Click here for more information.

Fly over the gold coast

Have you ever dreamed of flying?
In Fly Over The Gold Coast you enter a hologram room,
the walls turn invisible, the floor disappears beneath you,
and it looks like you are hundreds of meters in the air.
You fly between the buildings as we tell you about local sites and attractions,
and at the end you turn into a giant and stomp around the city.

False eden

A holographic game where you battle monsters on an alien planet.

Utilise 3 different weapons to fight your way through 8 levels and 3 boss creatures.

Explore mountains, rivers, swamps, and deserts, as well as take some breaks with skill-based bonus rounds to earn prize points!

Coming Soon

Bobby Baller

Join Bobby Baller on his journey through 5 dangerous levels to rescue his friends
and rid the world of the evil King Boom Boxx and his minions!

Dinosaur Zoo

Visit the time periods of the dinosaurs,

Understand their size up close and personal,

Play minigames for prize points and…

Don’t get eaten!