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Schools and Fundraising

Has your school had an excursion to Holoverse yet?

Educational Pack: $30 per student

Students will be given a tour of holoverse. They will be taken to our event room where one of our staff will give them a presentation explaining how our hologram technology works.

They will receive a pair of 3D red and blue glasses to keep, and 3D Images will be made by our staff with explanations as they go to help the students understand the concepts involved in 3D Graphics.

Finally, all students will have a two-part holographic education session about the planets and their moons (Click here for more information about the planetarium)

Is your school looking for a great way to raise money?

You’d be surprised at what you can make with a holoverse fundraiser! Look below for more details!

fundraisers at holoverse

There are many organisations that regularly do fundraisers:

Sports Clubs

If you would like to raise funds for your organisation, Holoverse offers an exciting activity for your club that helps add money to your treasury.

This is how it works

Your members pay full Holoverse prices, as listed below:

$35 = 1 session
$55 = 2 sessions
$45 = Planetarium (2 part session)

(valid for one person)

And we return the following percentages

4-6 People: 20%
7-10 People: 25%
11-16 People: 30%
17-25 People: 35%
More than 26 People: 40%


This is how much you could make with a fundraiser from Holoverse:

10 people = $62
20 people = $175
50 people = $500
100 people = $1000

If each person bought a single session at $35
10 people = $87
20 people = $245
50 people = $700
100 people = $1400

If each person bought a double session at $55
10 people = $137
20 people = $385
50 people = $1100
100 people = $2200

If each person bought a holographic planetarium pass $45
10 people = $112
20 people = $315
50 people = $900
100 people = $1800

Terms and conditions:

No further discounts can apply to the full Holoverse price; neither can group discounts apply for fundraisers.
Fundraisers must be booked at least 5 days in advance and must be at agreed times to help accommodate the volumes of people.

Fundraisers may be accommodated after normal Holoverse hours in some circumstances.
Fundraisers do not have be done as a single event, they can be a purchase of tickets that are distributed for members to use at their discretion within one year.