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Hologram Arcade Tables

What is a hologram arcade table?

A Hologram Arcade Table is a new entertainment device that makes objects out of light that float in the air around you. The objects look solid, but when you try to touch them, your hand goes right through!

The best part about the Hologram Arcade Table is that it’s built for 2 people, so you can challenge (or work together with) a friend on all of our games.

What kind of games can I play on the Hologram Arcade Table?

We have a lot of different games available on our Hologram Arcade Tables. Some are very simple and ideal for young children, while others are more complex and are a good option for older players. All of our games look great and have a range of different themes. You can control crocodiles in a river, fly over a battlefield with planes, captain a ship on the ocean, play as an elf in Santa’s workshop, and much much more!

All of our games are build around a simple 3 button control system. So while some games are tricky to master, all of them are very simple to learn! Our in-house team of developers release a new game roughly every 2 months.

Is the Hologram Arcade Table like Virtual Reality?

Not at all! Virtual Reality systems require you to wear a bulky headset over your eyes, completely removing you from the real world. When you’re using a Hologram Arcade Table, you can still see the real world around you, except there are holograms in the real world as well!

The Hologram Arcade Tables only require a set of wireless, lightweight glasses. These are no heavier than the glasses you’d wear when watching a 3D TV, and are far more comfortable than even the best Virtual Reality headsets.

Why is the Hologram Arcade Table in a closed booth?

The Hologram Arcade Table uses advanced motion tracking cameras to bend the holograms so that they always look correct, no matter what position you’re standing in.

Unfortunately, if exposed to bright lights, the cameras can get confused and their accuracy is compromised. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, we’ve installed our Hologram Arcade Tables inside a booth behind a lightweight curtain. This guarantees easy access to the tables, and it makes sure that the cameras are always working!

I’m sold – this sounds awesome! How do I play?

Easy! Simply click HERE to visit our shop page, where you can book your Hologram Arcade Table tickets online! Or if you find yourself in the area, drop in to Holoverse at 59 Nerang Street, Southport.

Please keep in mind that weekends and school holidays can get very busy, so we strongly recommend booking during those times.